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misplaced-pic-2Why choose Gabriell Struble to edit your book, short story, or essay?

When it comes to editing, Gabriell is thorough, personable, and most importantly affordable. She will work with you through one or multiple edits, and will give her honest feedback on your work. She understands the hard work that goes into writing, and will help you achieve your goal in any way possible.

Gabriell graduated from Cazenovia College in 2019 with a 3.97 GPA. She received a B.S. in psychology, with minors in English and human services. At Cazenovia College, she served as the president of the English club and the vice president of the All-College Honors Program. She also had her original play, Misplaced, produced on stage at the Catherine Cummings Theatre. Misplaced was later turned into a novel, and has been on the market since February, 2020. She is currently a full time mental health counselor for children and teenagers.

Types of Editing and Rates

Developmental Editing: $.005 per word*

Developmental editing focuses on the overall story or project, including world-building, characterization, themes, clarity, plot, pacing, and many other aspects of writing. Developmental edits will include highlights of problem areas and a detailed outline of suggestions for future drafts.

Copy Editing: $.007 per word*

Copy editing focuses on the nitty-gritty aspects of writing. Copy edits will include suggestions for changes in grammar and punctuation throughout your work. Copy editing is crucial before submitting your work to a publisher or a professor. It also appeals to Gabriell’s nerdy side, and is her favorite type of editing.

*Prices can be negotiated based on demonstrated need and level of income


If you are interested in Gabriell’s editing services or if you have any questions, please email her at gabbi.struble@gmail.com or message her through Facebook  @Gabriell-Struble.

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