Preview: Misplaced Book Cover

Misplaced Front Cover
Final cover by Kevin Cady

Here is a closer look at the front cover of Misplaced. This design by Kevin Cady. The cover shows the struggle of the main character, Liam, to block out the other people in his mind.

Original cover by Kevin Cady

Compare that to the original design, also by Kevin Cady, for the stage version of Misplaced in the fall of 2017.

Spoiler for those who saw Misplaced on stage: one character featured in this design did not make the cut to be a disorder in the book!

Misplaced will be available for purchase in February! Follow this site to make sure you get the latest updates.

Author: Gabriell Struble

Gabriell Struble Gereau is a full time mental health counselor and part time freelance writer and editor. She graduated from Alfred University with an MA in Counseling in 2021, and Cazenovia College with a BS in psychology and minors in English and human services in 2019. She has been writing since she could hold a pencil, starting with movie scripts to perform in her aunt's living room, before moving on to having her original play, Misplaced, produced at the Catherine Cummings Theatre in Cazenovia, and having her original novel of the same name published through BookLocker. When she is not working or writing, she can be found hanging out with her cats and bearded dragon, performing in musicals, or spending time with her beautiful wife, Taetum.

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